Mentally Strong Services

Mentally Strong Consulting offers keynotes, team and coaches workshops, and one-on-one mental training to help your athletes learn the tools and strategies to increase their mental toughness.

Mentally Strong Consulting has a proven track record in sport helping the Minnesota Vikings, Olympic athletes, national champions, and state champions gain the high-performance edge.  Beyond sport, we’ve worked with companies such as Mayo Clinic, Verizon Wireless, Nationwide Insurance and Securian Financial to help them up their mental game.

All Mentally Strong Consultants have a masters or doctoral degree in Sport and Performance Psychology.

Team/Coaches Workshops

Mentally Strong provides one workshop up to season-long work with teams and coaches. All workshops are customized to the needs of the group and tailored based on our discussions with the team’s coach and/or athletic director.

You’ll become more mentally tough and have the mental tools and skills you need to succeed.

Mentally Strong offers workshops and presentations in sport covering the following mental skills:

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(in-person, via Zoom or Facetime, or via phone)

Mentally Strong offers individual mental training sessions with all performers including athletes, coaches, athletic directors, musicians, and dancers as well as executives and cooperate leaders. These individual sessions are customized to the needs of the performer to help them gain the high-performance edge.

You’ll become more self-aware and learn how to master your thoughts and emotions to help you perform under pressure.

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The foundation of Mentally Strong’s speaking and training is based on the Top 10 Practices of the World's Best. The Top 10 Practices outlines the differences between successful and less successful people and is the foundation of the Beyond Grit book. (Download this PDF to learn more.)

Based on almost twenty years of research and consulting with the World’s Best, we will help you embrace passion and purpose in our life and work. You’ll become more self-aware and learn how to master your thoughts and emotions to help you lead yourself and your team more effectively.

Learning Outcomes of Our Work:

  1. Increased ability to experience peak performance regularly
  2. Gain practical tools and strategies to deal with adversity, mistakes and the unexpected
  3. Learn how to focus on what you can control
  4. Increased ability to master your thoughts, feelings and actions
  5. More passion, energy and motivation towards your goals, sport and work
  6. Master the ability to stay present and in the moment
  7. Think and act like the World’s Best
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We’ve worked with businesses from the following...

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What Others Are Saying

  • “If you are serious about self and/or team improvement, Mentally Strong provides the infrastructure to get you there.”

    -Mark Watkins, President and Founder, Geneva Capital

  • “After about five minutes, the level of engagement and excitement in the room had exceeded anything I have ever experienced.”

    -Alex Grundhoffer, North American Title Company

  • “Our program is more focused, disciplined, and positive because of Mentally Strong’s work. We want our players using these concepts for life beyond baseball as well.”

    -Sean DuBe, Head Coach, New Prague Baseball