Mentally Strong Consulting has a proven track record in sport helping the Minnesota Vikings, Olympic athletes, national champions, and state champions gain the high-performance edge.

Beyond sport, we have worked with companies such as Mayo Clinic, Verizon Wireless, Nationwide Insurance and Northwestern Mutual to help them up their mental game.


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All athletes can struggle with self-doubt and negativity. Even the best can doubt themselves. Believing these doubts will get in the way of achieving your true potential.

Confidence is a decision we each make each day. You can learn how to perform to your best, and how to overcome the doubt and negativity.

"My work with Mentally Strong has been life-changing! I’ve learned so much about myself, gained a toolkit of mental strategies, and was able to thrive at the Olympics as a result."


The best athletes have big dreams and goals they are chasing. As a result, it’s natural to feel impatient and frustrated that you aren’t where you want to be.

To perform at your best consistently. You’ll must gain knowledge and skills to help you perform under pressure, be your best regardless of your opponent or the adversity you experience, and learn peak performance principles to help you play at a higher level.

"The main takeaway from my work with Mentally Strong is knowing and learning I can move on from the past and create a fresh mindset that will better my performance for the future. Our work is helpful because it provides tools that help me improve my confidence and mindset to perform my best."

If this sounds like the results you'd like to have, here's the first step

We enable premiere athletes to courageously play big and consistently achieve peak performance. Our proven, results-focused 10 step methodology, has helped members of the Minnesota Vikings, USA Track and Field Olympic Team, and countless college and high school athletes. To see if we could help you, apply for a Discovery Call.

It’s a 30 minute process where we do a deep dive into your mindset, your aspirations, and the steps it will take to achieve your most audacious goals.

During the call you will discover the self limiting blocks that have kept you stuck and from unlocking your true potential. You will walk away having a stronger connection to your purpose, clarity on your goals, and the confidence to design the life you want.

At the end you’ll have a deep insight into yourself and how we operate at Mentally Strong Consulting. We will know if we’re a fit to work together, along with a bold vision for the future.

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*The call is free with no obligation.

If we decide to work together there are two options we can take

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Mentally Strong provides workshops and season-long work with sport teams and coaches. All workshops are customized to the needs of the group and tailored based on our discussions with the team’s coach and/or athletic director.

Perfect for:

College, High School, and Youth Sports Teams

✓ Bring the team closer to reaching your season goals
✓ Gain more confidence and positive energy on the field or court
✓ Improve the togetherness of the team


Mentally Strong offers confidential, one-on-one coaching to help you overcoming self-doubt, deal with mistakes, stay motivated, think more powerfully, manage anxiety, and come back stronger after a loss. We work with high potential athletes and performers by customizing the sessions to the needs of the person.

For Athletes: Our team offers works with student-athletes, professional athletes, and Olympic athletes to take their performance to the next level.

Perfect for:

Any Athlete or Performer Who Knows They Have More

✓ Courageously go after your big goals
✓ Think and believe in yourself more powerfully
✓ Overcome mistakes, disappointments and setbacks quicker

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"Working with Mentally Strong has been better then I imagined it would have been. I personally have learned just as much off the track mentality as I have learned on. It’s great to work with someone with similar goals and is open about their experiences as well!"
"Working with Mentally Strong has helped me utilize my mind as a powerful asset to my training and racing as a professional runner."
Gabriele Grunewald
USA Indoor Track and Field Champion

Adam Thielen

Minnesota Vikings WR