Unlock Your Potential

Our keynotes, trainings, and individual one-on-one coaching supports educational leaders, teachers, and students to gain the essential tools and strategies to thrive and experience their best more often.

As a purpose-driven educational leader, you should be out leading and inspiring people, making a profound impact!

But if you’re like most of the educational leaders we know, you are probably feeling tired, overwhelmed, stuck in negativity in the system, and lacking the energy to lead intentionally. You don’t do a good job of caring for yourself before you are constantly giving and serving.


Instead of spending your time changing lives, there’s a good chance that:

You’re overwhelmed at the sheer volume of work piling up for you.

You’re frustrated by the negativity of the system questioning if this is really what you still want.

You’re unsure about your own ability to keep going.

You’re terrified about how COVID and the changes in education negativity impacted you and other educators.

You’re discouraged by the lack of energy you have right now.

You’re annoyed that other people are getting to their goals quicker than you.

You’re constantly serving and giving to others before thinking about your own mindset and mental health.

You’re burning the candle at both ends and it is impacting your health, family, and relationships.

You know you are meant for more.

Imagine the Results

Imagine having a stronger sense of your life’s purpose and waking up on fire every day…

Imagine having more positive energy to lead your staff, team, and students…

Imagine the results if you were able to control the inner dialogue in your mind and live with intention each day.

To make a breakthrough or be the best version of yourself, you need to be in control of your mindset. Only then can you push yourself to be the leader you desire to be.

"We hit the jackpot when we asked Mentally Strong to provide professional learning to our whole educational staff and then discovered they could continue to partner with our admin team with monthly trainings and one-on-one coaching. I continue to be so grateful for their support both personally and professionally, not only for myself, but for our whole admin team!"

Jamie Nord

Executive Director, St. Croix River Education District

Imagine more confidence, courage and purpose

As leaders, you are balancing multiple demands.

It can be difficult to combat stress and burnout, and intentionally show up as the best version of yourself each day in today’s school culture.

In fact, a recent research study found that 87% of school principals surveyed said they experienced “frequent job-related stress.”

Imagine what it would feel like to finally break through those barriers that have been holding you back as a leader.

Picture yourself thriving – surpassing your old limits and discovering your best consistently.

The Mentally Strong Process

Everything changed for the Mentally Strong Team the moment we began applying the true science of peak performance to our professional lives, work, and sport. We became more intentional with our purpose, focus and energy. We were able to play bigger in our own lives on command instead of waking up and hoping that today would be a good day.

We founded Mentally Strong to share our practices, principles, and secrets with anyone hungry and passionate enough to want them. Our mentally strong tools inspire and guide purpose-driven leaders and athletes to play a bigger game, uplevel their confidence, and increase their influence.

Our proprietary 6 pillars of peak performance are based on real science and will dramatically reduce your inner limits, and enable you to harness and experience a state of flow, energy, and high performance like you’ve never experienced before.

Putting our proven system to work for you will:

Give you a clear 20/20 vision of your goals and purpose

Have you thinking empowering thoughts of your impact and future

Kill that nagging underlying feeling of imposter syndrome

Help you to know yourself in a way you never knew before, allowing you to get in the zone more often

Enable you to master the peak performance principles you need to stay in the zone while reducing the feelings of pressure and overwhelm that too often get in the way of your best

Grow your ability to be kind to yourself and “live and let go” more often, while achieving more by mastering your thoughts and emotions

If this sounds like the standard you’d like to hold yourself to, here's the first step:

We enable educational leaders to courageously play big and consistently achieve peak performance. Our proven, science-based 6 peak performance methodology, has helped leaders in numerous school districts and well-known companies such as Verizon, Target, and Bobcat.

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Available offerings:

Keynote Speeches and Training

High-energy, inspiring keynote workshops and trainings for groups and teams. Tailored and customized to your needs.

Complimentary Coaching Call

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The Mentally Strong Starter Kit

Our introductory “DIY” course on the Beyond Grit high performance system. Perfect for those who are not yet ready for 1-1 coaching.

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Beyond Grit Curriculum

The Beyond Grit Curriculum covers ten practices of the Worldʼs Best based on Dr. Cindra Kamphoffʼs best-selling book, Beyond Grit. The practices cover social-emotional learning concepts such as grit, self-awareness, decision making, and resiliency.

A glimpse into our transformations

“The individual feedback from Cindra’s coaching work reinforced for me how critical it is to invest in the health and wellbeing of our leaders. Cindra’s and her team’s model is different, in that they coach the person and the leader. The MAPS experience with Cindra and her team has been phenomenal. Her enthusiasm is genuine, and she has the unique ability to meet education leaders where they’re at and help them get clear on their purpose, direction and goals.”

Dr. Paul Peterson

Superintendent Mankato Area Public Schools

“Having our monthly Leadership Coaching sessions has been beneficial for me and our administrative team. Cindra and her team provide a listening ear and research-based feedback that helps me look at the “big picture” and moving forward. Her experience and expertise are obvious and she establishes a culture of professional growth and development. Without reservation, I recommend Cindra and her team and appreciate the coaching they provide.”

Mike Meihak

Superintendent New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva (NRHEG) Public Schools