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Our keynotes, trainings, and individual one-on-one coaching supports educational leaders, teachers, and students to gain the essential tools and strategies to thrive and experience their best more often.

We have a proven track record supporting numerous school districts as well as individuals and teams from Mayo Clinic, Verizon Wireless, Nationwide Insurance to the Minnesota Vikings.

Imagine the results

Imagine having a stronger sense of your life’s purpose and waking up on fire every day…

Imagine having more positive energy to lead your staff, team, and students…..

Imagine the results if you were able to control the inner dialogue in your mind and live with intention each day…

To make a breakthrough or be the best version of yourself, you need to be in control of your mindset. Only then can you push yourself to be the leader you desire to be.

"We hit the jackpot when we asked Mentally Strong to provide professional learning to our whole educational staff and then discovered they could continue to partner with our admin team with monthly trainings and one-on-one coaching. I continue to be so grateful for their support both personally and professionally, not only for myself, but for our whole admin team!"
Jamie Nord
Executive Director, St. Croix River Education District

Imagine more CONFIDENCE, COURAGE and purpose

As leaders, you are balancing multiple demands. It can be difficult to combat stress and burnout, and intentionally show up as the best version of yourself each day in today’s school culture. In fact, a recent research study found that 87% of school principals surveyed said they experienced “frequent job-related stress.”

Imagine what it would feel like to finally break through those barriers that have been holding you back as a leader. Picture yourself thriving – surpassing your old limits and discovering your best consistently.

If this sounds like the standard you’d like to hold yourself and your team to, here's the first step

We enable leaders to courageously play big and consistently achieve peak performance. Our proven, results-focused 10 step methodology, has helped leaders in numerous school districts and well-known companies such as VerizonTarget, and Bobcat.

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If we decide to work together there are three options we can take


Mentally Strong provides workshops and trainings to groups and teams. All keynote and trainings are customized to the needs of the group and tailored based on our discussions and interviews with your team before the event.

You can expect a high-energy, inspiring keynote or training where you will gain practical strategies and tool to help you perform to your potential regardless of your field.

Perfect for:

Leadership Teams, Teachers, Staff, and Students

✓ Overcome the odds
✓ Live with purpose
✓ Become more self-aware
✓ Focus on what you can control
✓ Lead more intentionally
✓ Move forward with courage

Our most popular keynotes include:

Beyond Grit​

Embracing Passion and Perseverance to Gain the High-Performance Edge: 

Despite all the factors that we cannot control, we can choose to lead with grit, purpose and passion. In this keynote, we will discuss tools to help us see the opportunity, practice self-leadership, savor the good, and commit to leading with grit for the future.​

The High Performance Mindset

Practical Tools to Build Resilience and Courage:

As we continue to navigate through these uncertain times, more than ever, we can get stuck in fear and frustration wishing things were different. In this keynote, we will focus on mindset practices to be resilient and at our best in times of change.

“I will….I can…I am…”

Dominating Your Thinking to Reach Your Potential: 

We all experience an inner judge but the most successful people learn to level up their thinking to level up their life and performance. In this keynote, we will focus on tangible strategies to dominate your thinking.


Our one-on-one coaching enables educational leaders to consistently achieve high performance and build a dynamic school culture. The confidential, one-on-one coaching helps you lead with intention and trust, balance life and work, and be accountable for a bold vision. The coaching allows you to develop your leadership skills to lead your team effectively.

Topics we typically cover in our work with leaders include realizing your life’s purpose, intentionally developing a school culture, developing trust and accountability within your teams, leading with courage and bravery, and understanding yourself in pressured moments.

For Leaders: Our team offers works with educational leaders to help them be their best more consistently, and lead with passion, confidence and courage.

Perfect for:

Educational Leaders and High Potential Leaders

✓ Lead more courageously and bravely
✓ Realize your life’s purpose
✓ Think and believe in yourself more powerfully
✓ Overcome mistakes, disappointments and setbacks quicker


The curriculum covers 10 practices to increase student’s grit, resiliency, and self-awareness. The curriculum supports students to gain life-changing and essential life skills.

The curriculum includes 30 lesson plans, 3 lessons for each of the 10 practices. Each of the 10 practices includes a short video from Dr. Cindra along with a Student Engagement Powerpoint and activity led by the teacher. Also included is parent communication to support supstudent learning.

For Students: Our team worked with teachers and school administrators to implement the Beyond Grit Curriculum so that students can be more gritty, resilient, and self-aware.

Perfect for:

Elementary and Middle School Students

✓ Increase grit and resiliency
✓ More positivity
✓ Think and believe in yourself more powerfully
✓ Overcome mistakes, disappointments and setbacks quicker